Meet some of our amazing athletes

Maybe you’ve seen us, maybe we’re even friends. If not, then once a month we’ll be introducing you to a different Runaways athlete, stay tuned!

Dylan Staats

Dylan Staats. Photo by Lead the Way Captures.

Age: 24

Favorite running shoe: Adidas

Favorite pump up jam: Reflections – Misterwives

When and how did you start running? Running barely existed in my life before Runaways, but I first started going on occasional short runs when I moved to Portland two years ago. I was wearing the same sneakers I’d had since tenth grade and never ran further than a slow two miles.

What do you love most about running? I love the social aspect of running. I look forward to the group runs every week and am grateful for the community that I have become part of through running. It’s motivating for me to be around other people with a common interest.

What is your biggest running accomplishment? This was my first year running and I set a goal of participating in at least one race. I ended up running a 5k race in October and placed first in my age group. It was not only my fastest 5k time, but also my fastest mile.

Advice for new runners?  Find something that motivates you, whether it’s a race, personal health, or beer at the finish line. Also, be consistent with your runs and it will get easier.

What is your favorite trail/place to run?  I love running back home in rural Vermont. It’s a chance for me to run with family when we’re all in town, and old dirt roads are hard to find in Portland.

Favorite post-run meal? Homemade pizza! It’s easy to throw together after a run, and I think there is a rule that says you are allowed 1 slice per mile you ran? (maybe that’s something I made up)

How did you get involved in Runaways? I was coaxed into coming to a run after my girlfriend convinced me that it wouldn’t be so bad. It was the second official week of Runaways and I was greeted with a high five and a daunting route. After that, running became a part of my lifestyle.

Favorite runaways pub run spot? Bissell Brothers always brings a good crowd and I feel like I’ve earned my Substance after the uphill trek to the Western Prom.

Hidden talent/something we don’t know about you? I love to bake bread. I’m fascinated with everything to do with homemade bread—the process, the health benefits, and the taste. There is nothing more satisfying than grinding my own flour and mixing a fresh loaf. It has become a weekend routine!

Macy Galvan

Macy Galvan. Photo by Lead the Way Captures.

Age: 26

Favorite running shoe: Saucony

Favorite pump up jam: Get Out Of Your Mind (Little John)

When and how did you start running? I started seriously running May of 2016. I challenged myself to run everyday for a year once I came back from traveling in the winter time. I had a negative relationship with running prior to this challenge because my high school volleyball program centered around running as a punishment. Any small mistake the program made resulted in us running for entire practices sometimes. I decided that I wanted to shift my negative views of running with this goal.

What do you love most about running? The aspect I love most about running is the absolute thinking/reflecting time it allows me. I find that even when so many things in my life that are out of my control overwhelm me, I can come to running and have an opportunity to readjust, refocus, and breathe through the stress. I have never come back from a run feeling worse mentally or emotionally and that to me is a really beautiful part of running.

What is your biggest running accomplishment? My biggest running accomplishment is running every day for a year, ultimately making it to 390 days. I ran every one of those runs in the state of Maine with the exception of one that took place in Massachusetts. It was the first time since moving to Maine in 2009 that I had made it through an entire winter without traveling. Being able to challenge myself to continue running through the cold, rain, and long days brought me a lot of happiness and purpose, especially during snow storms.

Advice for new runners? My advice for new runners is this: Keep trying. Lacing up your shoes can be the most difficult task when it comes to running, but when you get going and hit your stride, that feeling keeps you motivated. Some days are harder than others, but if you keep trying, you recognize the difference.

What is your favorite trail/place to run? My favorite place to run is the West End of Portland to the East End. I often complete my miles and then use the return home to the West End to complete different errands or check the happy hour menus to make note of the next place to check out. When I first moved to Portland, I held off registering my car and instead ran everywhere I needed to go. It was a super fun way to learn the area and make some cool discoveries.

Favorite post-run meal? When it comes to my favorite post-run meal, nothing competes with chips and salsa.

How did you get involved in Runaways? I first got involved with the Runaways in March after seeing the group posted on Instagram. That page lead me to the Facebook group and I attended my first run at Novare Res that evening.

Favorite runaways pub run spot? Of the pubs/breweries we’ve ran from, my favorite has been Bissell Brothers. It’s the best location for catching a sunset on the West End and their Substance is one of my favorite IPA’s ;D

Hidden talent/something we don’t know about you? Something that you don’t know about me? I could swim before I could walk.