1st rule: BYOB, anything at 5% ABV or above. Has to be beer.
2nd rule: Call an Uber or a friend or walk your ass home. Never drive.
3rd rule: Always reread the 2nd rule.
4th rule: We have the location and will tell you privately where it will be on the night of the event.
5th rule: HAVE FUN

Waves of 4 runners will go at a time based on perceived speed and/or will be randomly assigned by the timers. While NOT running spectators and other runners must wear masks and maintain social distance.


Allagash White 5.5% Y
Amstel 5.0% Y
Austin Street Patina 5.0% Y
Austin Street Rally 3.8% N
Battery Steele Ascent 6.7% Y
Beck’s 5.0% Y
Bissell Brothers Lux 5.1% Y
Bissell Brothers The Substance Ale 6.6% Y
Blue Moon 5.4% Y
Brewery Extrava Cheers 4.5% N
Brewery Extrava Saison 6.0% Y
Brooklyn Lager 5.0% Y
Bud Ice 5.5% Y
Bud Ice Light 4.1% N
Bud Light 4.2% N
Bud Light Lime 4.2% N
Bud Light Platnium 6.0% Y
Budweiser 5.0% Y
Bunker Machine 5.2% Y
Bunker Salad Daze 4.2% N
Bunker Terrarium 6.0% Y
Busch 4.6% N
Busch Ice 5.8% Y
Busch Light 4.2% N
Colt 45 6.1% Y
Coors 5.0% Y
Coors Extra Gold 5.0% Y
Coors Light 4.2% N
Corona Extra 4.6% N
Corona Light 4.1% N
Dogfish Head SeaQuench 4.9% N
Dos Equis 4.2% N
Fat Tire Amber 5.2% Y
Fore River Lygonia 6.5% Y
Fore River Preble 4.0% N
Fore River Timberhitch 6.2% Y
Fosters 5.0% Y
Foulmouthed Beer 4.5% N
Foulmouthed Knightvillian 5.0% Y
Foundation Epiphany 8.0% Y
Geary’s American Ale 4.8% N
Geary’s Summer Ale 6.0% Y
Goodfire Hydro 7.8% Y
Goodfire Prime 6.5% Y
Guinness Draught 6.0% Y
Harpoon IPA 5.9% Y
Heineken 5.0% Y
Heineken Light 3.3% N
Icehouse 5.0% Y
Keystone 4.9% N
Keystone Ice 5.9% Y
Keystone Light 4.2% N
Keystone Premium 4.4% N
Maine Beer Co Lunch 7.0% Y
Maine Beer Co Peeper 5.5% Y
Mast Landing Gunners Daughter 5.5% Y
Mast Landing Tell Tale 5.3% Y
Mast Landing Weekend Plans 6.0% Y
Michelob Light 4.3% N
Michelob Ultra 4.2% N
Mickey’s 5.6% Y
Miller Genuine Draft 5.0% Y
Miller Genuine Draft Light 5.0% Y
Miller High Life 5.0% Y
Miller Light 4.5% N
Milwaulkee’s Best 4.5% N
Milwaulkee’s Best Ice 5.5% Y
Milwaulkee’s Best Light 4.5% N
Modelo 4.6% N
Molson 5.0% Y
Natural Ice 5.9% Y
Natural Light 4.2% N
Oxbow Farm House Pale Ale 6.0% Y
Oxbow Luppolo 5.0% Y
Pabst Blue Ribbon 4.8% N
Red Stripe 4.7% N
Redhook Blonde Ale 5.3% Y
Redhook IPA 6.5% Y
Rising Tide Back Cove 5.2% Y
Rising Tide Dockside 4.2% N
Rising Tide Maine Island Trail 4.3% N
Rolling Rock 4.5% N
Saint Archer Gold 4.2% N
Samuel Adams Boston Lager 4.7% N
Samuel Adams Pale Ale 5.2% Y
Shipyard American Pale 4.5% N
Shipyard Old Thumper 5.6% Y
Shipyard Summer 5.1% Y
Shock Top 5.2% Y
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 5.6% Y
Sierra Nevada Porter 5.6% Y
Sierra Nevada Wheat Beer 4.4% N
Stella Artois 4.8% N
Stone India Pale Ale 6.9% Y
Stone Pale Ale 5.4% Y
Yuengling 4.4% N